Writing and editing services

I have been writing and editing since 2013. I offer a variety of writing and editing services, and as both a fiction and non-fiction writer I bring this versatility and experience to any project that I work on. I help authors or organisations present what they know clearly, completely and in a logical order so their content is engaging and easy for a reader to follow. I work with small presses, businesses and individual authors to prepare content or books for publishing.

My client projects have included the planning and creation of journals, instruction books, courses, oracle and message cards and history books.  Within these fields I have been engaged as a project manager, researcher, writer, interviewer, editor, anthologist, and ghost writer. I work for a variety of businesses and write and edit a variety of genres.

As well as working with clients to shape or present an existing message, I often work with clients who have challenges or difficulties in transferring their skills and abilities into written content.

As a writer and editor, my strength is in creating or enhancing the content you need to make your message effective and reach its target audience.

In publishing, manuscripts usually go through three stages of editing: structural editing, copy editing and proofreading. Editing is so much more than correcting sentences and spelling errors. First-time authors may also need developmental editing as well. Developmental editing is the very first stage and it is about how to structure  ideas, what information to include or leave out, and what will make your product attractive to your ideal reader. This type of editing can be a form of mentoring or coaching, especially for new book authors.

Another area of proficiency is my roles as an independent publisher. I opened LZS Press to publish my own projects and with this understanding can assist you from conception to publication. Self-publishing isn’t so difficult when you have someone to help you along the way.

I identifying the message my client is attempting to convey, and help them convey it with clarity and meaning.

I’m happy to schedule a chat and see if I can help you with your project.

Easy To Work With

Louise is an amazing proofreader and editor. Offering a wide range of services, willing to work with each publisher to make sure their projects come out amazing!

Easy to work with she goes beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend Louise.

Eugene Johnson
Plaid Dragon Publishing

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Meticulous Eye For Detail

Louise has a meticulous eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge that elevates a manuscript from great to outstanding! I have used Louise’s comprehensive editing service and could not be happier with the result. She gets to the heart of the author’s story and her constructive feedback transforms it into a cohesive, well-structured and entertaining read.

Thank you, Louise, for your professionalism and enthusiasm – you are a pleasure to work with!

Lauren Shay
Full Stop Writing, Editing and Design

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Louise Gets It!

As an editor, Louise has shown an uncanny ability to understand my work at a deep level, and she deftly guides me into better realizing its potential. Beyond surface-level issues of conventions and style—at which she excels—Louise has helped me make my characters more consistent, my plots more compelling, my themes more impactful.

Without an editor of her caliber, my Garza Twins series would not have received the same degree of critical acclaim and recognition. She shepherds and stewards an author’s vision through respectful and amicable interactions—you will find her skills and charm wholly irresistible and utterly indispensable.

David Bowles

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