What my clients are saying...

Easy To Work With

Louise is an amazing proofreader and editor. Offering a wide range of services, willing to work with each publisher to make sure their projects come out amazing!

Easy to work with she goes beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend Louise.

Eugene Johnson

Thank You Louise!

Thank you, Louise, for your great work as my writing coach over the past year. Your clear recommendations, sharp eye for detail and insightful comments have helped me overcome my initial hesitancy with academic writing and get right back into study after a break of 20 years.  Over the year my marks at university substantially picked up.

I love the way you are so dexterous with language and can so quickly pick up the context/idea. You have helped me clarify and structure my writing. You have also been extremely reliable, ethical,  good with deadlines and given me so many good tips.

Over time I have come to realise what a warm, kind and helpful person you are.

Masters student

Jane Strickland

Louise Knows All The Pros And Cons

Goddess Walking was my first book to be looked at by a professional editor. I was really quite nervous about handing my manuscript over at first, but Louise instantly made me feel comfortable and confidently understood. Louise’s professional approach and guidance begun at our first phone call and continued until the end. If you are looking for an open-minded and open-hearted professional editor who knows all of the pros and cons of writing and editing, Louise Zedda-Sampson is the one.

I highly recommend Louise and will be using her valued services again. Thank you, Louise.


Annie Wilson, Author

Louise Gets It!

As an editor, Louise has shown an uncanny ability to understand my work at a deep level, and she deftly guides me into better realizing its potential. Beyond surface-level issues of conventions and style—at which she excels—Louise has helped me make my characters more consistent, my plots more compelling, my themes more impactful.

Without an editor of her caliber, my Garza Twins series would not have received the same degree of critical acclaim and recognition. She shepherds and stewards an author’s vision through respectful and amicable interactions—you will find her skills and charm wholly irresistible and utterly indispensable.


David Bowles, Author

Louise’s Skills And Professionalism Are Exemplary

Louise has provided me with a comprehensive theoretical and practical editing input to my manuscript. Her open and timely communication and encouraging approach have inspired the confidence and impetus to improve my writing. As a new author, I  welcomed Louise’s encouragement and the introduction to a previously unknown range of writing “must haves” such as the dreaded POVs.

If I can gather the fortitude to start the third book, Louise will be my first port of call. Her skills and professionalism are exemplary.


Christine Millsteed, Novelist

Louise Is A Delight To Work With

Louise edited fantasy, general fiction, young adult and middle grade novels for IFWG Australia and IFWG International. She built professional and considerate relationships with authors, gently offering suggestions and editing to improve their work. Louise also created the IFWG Style Guides for both imprints. She was always a delight to work with, and professional throughout her tenure with us.


Gerry Huntman, Managing Director

I Recommend Louise To All My Author Friends

Louise has the rare and elusive knack of seeing right to the heart of a story. As a first reader for the e-zine, Louise could immediately see the best version and give advice that meant the author would be able to get there themselves. She’ll turn your manuscript inside out until it’s gleaming perfection with the gentlest, insightful guidance. She has been my sounding board and has never missed a deadline.

I recommend her to all my author friends.


Sophie Yorkston

Yes, I Will Work With Louise Again!

Louise delivers feedback in a constructive way, she is very good at spotting errors, makes very good suggestions and her constructive criticism has made my story better. Louise works quickly at a reasonable price. I will work with her again.


Helen Mihajlovic, short story writer

I Recommend Louise

Louise conducted a structural edit for my middle grade fantasy manuscript. I found Louise to be knowledgeable, approachable and relatable. Her feedback and suggestions were encouraging and professional. I really felt like Louise wanted to help improve my manuscript to make it the best it could be.

I highly recommend Louise and will be using her expertise in the future.


Danielle Hughes, Author

She Has An Incredibly Sharp Editorial Eye

Louise has an incredibly sharp editorial eye and an amazing ability to get right to the core of an issue in any piece of writing. She’s provided editorial services on my fiction – stories, novellas and full-length works – as well as my pitches to publishers, and she has never failed to exponentially improve my work each time. I’ve sent Louise early draft manuscripts full of problems and she’s been able to identify where precisely to focus my redrafting efforts for best results. I’ve also sent her finished manuscripts about to go out to submission and she has been able to really give them that final polish.

Louise’s constructive feedback and editorial comments are thorough, detailed and always spot-on. She instinctively ‘gets’ a piece of fiction and sees how to really make it sing. Her ability to deliver editorial feedback is professional and thoughtful, without shying away from the hard issues, and she always leaves the writer feeling energised about their work. She’s a delight to work with and incredibly generous with her insight, always professional, and I would recommend her to any writer at any stage in their career.


Kathryn Hore, Author

Meticulous Eye For Detail

Louise has a meticulous eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge that elevates a manuscript from great to outstanding! I have used Louise’s comprehensive editing service and could not be happier with the result. She gets to the heart of the author’s story and her constructive feedback transforms it into a cohesive, well-structured and entertaining read.

Thank you, Louise, for your professionalism and enthusiasm – you are a pleasure to work with!

Lauren Shay