Louise has an incredibly sharp editorial eye and an amazing ability to get right to the core of an issue in any piece of writing. She’s provided editorial services on my fiction – stories, novellas and full-length works – as well as my pitches to publishers, and she has never failed to exponentially improve my work each time. I’ve sent Louise early draft manuscripts full of problems and she’s been able to identify where precisely to focus my redrafting efforts for best results. I’ve also sent her finished manuscripts about to go out to submission and she has been able to really give them that final polish.

Louise’s constructive feedback and editorial comments are thorough, detailed and always spot-on. She instinctively ‘gets’ a piece of fiction and sees how to really make it sing. Her ability to deliver editorial feedback is professional and thoughtful, without shying away from the hard issues, and she always leaves the writer feeling energised about their work. She’s a delight to work with and incredibly generous with her insight, always professional, and I would recommend her to any writer at any stage in their career.