To write is art.
To edit is perfection.

Every writer needs an editor. The reasons can be varied:

Whatever the reason, I can help.

My Specialities

To receive a quote for any editing work, please upload your manuscript. I will be in contact with you as soon as possible.


Structural Editing

A structural edit report is an overview of your manuscript. It is the first step; a checkpoint, to see if something could be added, clarified, expanded or removed to improve the manuscript. A structural edit report covers: flow, plot, subplots, chapters, pacing, character and story arcs, setting and dialogue and many other aspects. For non-fiction, the elements are different, but the same principle applies: assuring a manuscript is in its best possible shape to engage readers.

Copy Editing

Copy editing your manuscript is like getting your car detailed - it might look okay as is, but after a detail, your car is clean and fresh and shiny. The copy edit checks spelling, punctuation, clarity, tone, and works at a sentence level to pick up the things that are not quite right, or that are not consistent.


Proofreading is the final step after a manuscript has been copyedited and typeset and is completed before your manuscript goes to the printer. This is a final check to make sure nothing slipped out of alignment or was missed in the typesetting stage.

Blurbs and Bios

Many authors can write a book but be stuck writing short! Condensing words is something I excel in and I would love to help you write that knock-out blurb or author bio.

All work received is confidential. No work is shared with other parties. All clients are asked to agree to Novel Solutions’ Terms and Conditions prior to commencement of any project.