September publication news

After what seems like a very long time, I have some publication news. This month three pieces of my writing will be published.
The first is my article ‘Finding your tribe’ which will be appearing in the 30th birthday edition of the Victorian Writer. It talks about how to meet other writers and find those you connect with. Connecting with other writers makes the writing journey less lonely and also helps you grow as a writer. If you are a member of Writers Victoria, you will receive the magazine shortly, if not, it can be purchased here

​The other two are drabbles – one-hundred word (and in this case also 200-word) stories of erotic horror.
My stories ‘Broken’ and ‘Something Extra’ will appear in the Things in the Well publication Guilty pleasures and other dark delights alongside other drabbles of several award-winning authors and the novella ‘Dolls’ by Ramsey Campbell.
​These were incredibly fun to write. Creating a story that was exactly 100 or 200 words was also an enjoyable challenge.