New release news – Infected 2: Stories to Read Alone

They say change brings opportunity, and we’re certainly facing some pretty radical changes right now.
Steve Dillon from Things in the Well has once again reached out to authors to contribute during these challenging times and created not one, but two anthologies that will certainly leave you feeling that things can indeed be worse.
All proceeds from Infected: Tales to Read at Home and Infected 2: Tales to Read Alone will be donated to Save the Children and once again fund-matched by Microsoft as part of their Giving Campaign.

Both editions now available at Amazon.


Steve Dillon had this to say regarding my contribution in Infected 2:Tales to Read Alone:
“Some stories in ‘Infected’1 and 2 are reprints of tales told long ago, when the current situation could only be told of using fiction. In contrast, Louise Zedda-Sampson’s ‘Confinement’ from Infected 2 was written only a few days ago, and in this you really get a sense of claustrophobia. It’s a very short flash fiction that succinctly encapsulates life in these current times, this ‘new normal’ that we’re being prepared for. Let’s hope it doesn’t get as bleak as Louise’s imagination!”

Here’s a short taster of my story: