Friends and Affiliates

People are always asking me for recommendations. This page lists people and organisations I have worked with and are happy to recommend.

Lorna Hendry is the cover designer and typesetter of my first book Bowl The Maidens Over.

Lorna’s advice on this publishing project was invaluable and it resulted in a book that I couldn’t have conceptualised when I first started producing it! I’ve since asked Lorna to design bookplates and bookmarks and will be in touch with her again soon for my next project.

Visit Lorna here, and read what Lorna says about working on Bowl the Maidens Over here

When I needed a professional website, Robyn at Author Websites helped me almost from scratch. Robyn has a great eye, and we managed to find something that reflected my own style and personality. Robyn also extended the website to include a shop. Her suggestions for improvement have been excellent.