Awards & Publications

The Cocktail Connoisseur’s Message Cards, Five Kings Press, December 2023
‘He Said There’d Be Chicks’, Nightmare Fuel Magazine, October 2023 **read online
‘The Dreams That Shape Us’, reprint, Etherea Magazine, October 2023
Seasons’, The Casket of Fictional Delights, August 2023 **read or listen online
‘The End of the Line’, reprint, Tales from the Ruins, Black Beacon Books, Feb 2023
‘A Stranger with my Face’Nightmare Fuel Magazine, Dec 2022 **read online
‘Be Gone’, Nightmare Fuel Magazine, Nov 2022 **read online
‘Phone Calls’, Our Pandemic, Writers Workout, reprint,  Oct 2022
‘Subscribed’, Never Cheat a Witch, Wolfsinger Publishing, Oct 2022
‘The Dreams that Shape Us’, Brink Issue #4, Oct 2022
‘A Shadow in this Red Rock’, From the Waste Land, PS Publishing, Oct 2022
A Celebration of Courage, Louise Zedda-Sampson, editor, Cornish College,  July 2022
‘Lola’, Analogue #1, Paul Dunne and Carolyn Swindell, July 2022
End of the Line‘, Dark Recesses Press Webzine, March 2022 **read online 
‘Talking to the Horror Tree as it turns 10’, Horror Oasis, Feb 2022 **read online
‘Nothing To Contest’, Pendulum Papers, Feb 2022 **read online
‘The 504’ , Haunted, Specul8 Publishing, Dec 2021
‘Horror -Writers- Ink: Community and Your Writer’s Toolkit‘, The Horror Tree, Dec 2021 **read online
‘The Beating of Her Heart’, Midnight Echo 16, AHWA,  Nov2021
‘Fragments’, Pendulum Papers, Aug 2021 **read online
‘Bloody Hell’, 666, Black Hare Press, Aug 2021
‘The Forgotten Sea’, Stories of Survival, Aussie Speculative Fiction, Aug 2021
Bowl the Maidens Over, LZS Press, June 2021
‘Phone Calls’, End of the Line Anthology,  Frankston Arts Centre, May 2021
‘Wooden Spoon’, Page & Spine, Mar 2021 **read online
‘Dark in Here’, Supernatural Drabbles of Dread, Macabre Ladies Publishing, Feb 2021
Untitled, 6-word stories – Footpath Fiction, Mornington Peninsula Arts and Culture, Dec 2020
‘Droplets’, Extreme Drabbles of Dread, Macabre Ladies Publishing, Dec 2020
Trickster’s Treats #4: Coming, Buried or Not!, edited by Louise Zedda-Sampson and Geneve Flynn, Things in the Well, September 2020
‘The Fisherman’, Queenscliffe Microfiction #QLF2020, June 2020
‘Confinement’, Infected 2: Tales to Read Alone, Things in the Well, April 2020
Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts: Dark and Dangerous Valentine’s Day Tales, edited by Louise Zedda-Sampson and Chris Mason, Things in the Well, February 2020
‘The Forgotten Sea’, Antipodean SF Radio Show, narrated by Marge Essex, 2020
‘Bowl the Maidens Over’, The Yorker, Melbourne Cricket Club,  2019
‘Something Extra’ and ‘Broken’, Guilty Pleasures and Other Dark Delights, Things in the Well , 2019
‘Finding Your Tribe’ The Victorian Writer, 30th birthday edition, Writers Victoria , 2019
‘The Forgotten Sea’, Issue 250, Antipodean SF, 2019
‘A Cat Amongst’,  Antipodean SF Radio Show, narrated by Marge Essex, 2018
‘A Cat Amongst’, Issue 243 Antipodean SF, 2018
‘What’s Left Behind’,  Somers Paper Nautilus Issue 73, 2018
‘Santa’s Slay’, Hell’s Bells, AHWA, 2016
‘Book Review – Punctuation..? by User Design‘, Editors Victoria Newsletter, 2016
‘Tohby Riddle’s the Greatest Gatsby: a Visual Book of Grammar: Book Review’, Editors Victoria Newsletter, 2016
‘Voluntarily Committed: My Stay in a Haunted Asylum Part Three’,  This is Horror, 2016 **read online
‘Book Review – Making a Point: the Pernickety Story of English Punctuation by David Crystal’, Editors Victoria Newsletter, 2015
‘The Cup, the Cricket and the Custodians’,  The Yorker, December 2015
‘Voluntarily Committed: My Stay in a Haunted Asylum Part Two’,  This is Horror, 2015 **read online
‘Voluntarily Committed: My Stay in a Haunted Asylum Part One’,  This is Horror, 2015 **read online
‘A Brief History of English Spelling’, Infusion 53, 2015
‘A Sea of Green’, Infusion 53, 2015
‘The Cave’, Infusion 53, 2015
‘The Stranger’, Story Tree, Ballarat Uni Press, 2013
‘Is U a Word or Do You Spell it With a Z?: English Spelling in Australian Schools – Are We Getting it Write?’, Literacy Learning: the Middle Years, vol 21, issue 2,  ALEA, 2013

2022 September – Awarded a Horror Writers Association Rocky Wood Memorial Non-Fiction Scholarship
2021 May – Australian Shadows Awards Finalist Edited Works category for Trickster’s Treats 4: Coming Buried or Not! edited by Louise Zedda-Sampson and Geneve Flynn, published by Things in the Well.
2021 May – Frankston Arts Centre  ‘This Time Last Year’ exhibition. A featured author with excerpt displayed on the wall
2021 April – Winner Day 6 Writers Victoria #WVFlashFic21 ILLUMINATE
2021 April – Special Mention Day 1 Writers Victoria #WVFlashFic21 CREASE
2020 July – Australasian Horror Writers Association Mentorship awarded with horror writer Kaaron Warren
2020 April – Writers Victoria #WVFlashFic20 Winner Day 24 – MEASURE
2020 March – AWC Furious Fiction Longlist ‘Fragments’
2018 May – Somers Paper Nautilus short story competition Honourable Mention ‘What’s Left Behind’

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