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Upcoming Events

2021 Sat 27 November            Bowl The Maidens Over Book Launch at Bendigo Town Hall – this is a ticketed event.

2021 November ABC Central Victoria speaking to Fiona Parker on Breakfast Radio
2021 November  2021 Small Press Network Christmas Catalogue
2021 November
 Honouring our Cricketers, Bendigo Advertiser, article by Julieanne Strachan
2021 November  The Maiden Summera podcast by Nick Richardson. In Episode 1 ‘The Trailblazers’ I talk with Nick about the first women’s games of cricket.
2021 September  It’s just not cricket – a woman’s right to choose. I wrote a feature as a guest on Pamela Hart’s blog  and talked about inequality in sport and the problems facing some female cricketers today.
2021 August  Cornish College The Difference Magazine. Andrew Goodman interviewed me for an article in the school magazine.
2021 August  Australian cricket pioneers given voice in Bowl the Maidens Over, by Kirby Fenwick, Siren A Women in Sport Collective. Kirby interviews me about Bowl the Maidens Over and how I came to write it.
2021 May  Not Just Cricket: Bowl the Maidens Over, by Clare Rhoden on her blog.  Clare talks about my book and a little of her time as a cricketer!
2021 May  Bowled over by the maiden women’s game, by Gideon Haigh in The Australian. Gideon gives a most comprehensive review.