Editor and Author

Meet Louise

“I love working with words. 
As an author my job is to create; as an editor it’s to make your words shine.”

I’m a writer, editor and researcher and love working on projects that range from spelling to sport. I’ve edited novels, novellas, short stories, anthologies, non-fiction books, diaries, cookbooks, instruction books and tarot and oracle card sets at all the various stages of editing. I’m a huge fan of the short form, and to date my published works include flash and short fiction,  non-fiction articles and features, including several that have been peer-reviewed.

I live in Melbourne and am married with two adult sons, two cats and a dog, and you’ll generally find me involved in some committee that’s linked to the writing community, or on panels judging awards. Community is a great aspect of my work and I love staying in touch with other writers and editors. I’ll say g’day if I see you at a convention or event, so seek me out to say hello. In my spare time I also organise writing retreats.

In April I’ll be releasing my first book, so stay tuned for news!

“We all have the right words. Sometimes they just don’t arrive in the right order.”

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