I’ve been an editor since 2015. My specialities are working with new authors and small press publishers to prepare books for publishing. When an author comes to me with non-fiction and New Age projects, they often have a wealth of information to share but they’re not sure how to turn this resource into a book. And that’s where a professional editor can help. 
In fiction, an author might have all the ingredients but the storytelling is not clear. In trade publishing processes, manuscripts go through a structural editing stage to check these things, where I specialise. 
Editing is so much more than correcting sentences and spelling errors. It can be a type of mentorship for those that are first-time publishers. My aim is to help you get better at what you do. 
I have recently opened LZS Press – my own small press to publish my first book – and have a great understanding of the the publishing process from all sides. 
As an editor, my job is to help you improve your message. I can help you from conception to publication. a

I offer the following services:

Coming soon

Release date: May 2021
Bowl the Maidens Over
is a story about Australia’s first female cricketers. Told through the media’s lens, this pictorial book will take you back to 1874 to the Sandhurst Easter Fair, to experience the first game of women’s cricket.
The book is about cricket, but it’s also about a bigger story – about a woman’s right to play sport.

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Your clear recommendations, sharp eye for detail and insightful comments have helped me overcome my initial hesitancy with academic writing and get right back into study after a break of 20 years. Over the year my marks at university substantially picked up. I love the way you are so dexterous with language and can so quickly pick up the context/idea. You have helped me clarify and structure my writing. You have also been extremely reliable, ethical, good with deadlines and given me so many good tips.

Jane Strickland, Masters student

Without an editor of Louise's caliber, my Garza Twins series would not have received the same degree of critical acclaim and recognition. She shepherds and stewards an author’s vision through respectful and amicable interactions—you will find her skills and charm wholly irresistible and utterly indispensable.

David Bowles, Author

Louise delivers feedback in a constructive way, she is very good at spotting errors, makes very good suggestions and her constructive criticism has made my story better. Louise works quickly at a reasonable price. I will work with her again.

Helen Mihajlovic, Author

Louise conducted a structural edit for my middle grade fantasy manuscript. I found Louise to be knowledgeable, approachable and relatable. Her feedback and suggestions were encouraging and professional. I really felt like Louise wanted to help improve my manuscript to make it the best it could be. I highly recommend Louise and will be using her expertise in the future.

Danielle Hughes, Author